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Why work with me?

  • Learn skills and tools to manage stress, anxiety and low mood
  • Cultivate self-compassion to embrace a kinder transition
  • Feel confident, content and at ease in your changing body and life

Maybe you’ve lost the magic in your life and you want it back!?

The transition to menopause is an opportunity to nurture & nourish yourself, to take time to learn more about your changing body, mind and emotions and to look forward to the next stage in your life.

Mindfulness provides clarity, grounding, and acceptance as well as a portal for listening to your body and the wisdom within it. It helps you move towards challenges and change with curiosity and kindness and cultivates a different relationship towards your symptoms.

Combined with gentle nutrition and sustainable lifestyle changes, any woman can flourish through this transition with grace and confidence.

My Programmes

Transform your mental and physical well-being in peri-menopause and beyond so you can FLOURISH and THRIVE

The Simply Revived Program

Ready to take charge of your health and wellbeing, make self-care a priority and start living this one wild and precious life with zest and purpose?

Simply be Mindful 8-week online mindfulness course for women over 40

This is a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life course (MBCT-L) and is led in real time by Suné Markowitz-Shulman.

Living Joyful

“The solution to living a joyful, magnificent and meaningful midlife in a body that you care for and respect is not another diet or an unrealistic wellness regime. It is taking the time to learn how your body and your mind work and to unlock the wisdom you already have to empower yourself to make the right choices for your health, happiness and wellbeing. It’s a journey of inner work now to make decisions easier later.”

~Suné x

15 Mindful mantras to boost your mood in peri-menopause

This change can be stressful, exhausting, confusing and downright miserable.

Maybe you hardly recognise yourself anymore.

You snap at the kids, irritated with your partner and struggle to concentrate at work.

This is affecting every area of your life!
Draw on these mantras when you’re feeling low and need a little boost, a friendly guide to give you strength for the next moments of your day!

You are not broken, you do not need fixing and you don’t need another guru!

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