The Simply Revived Program

Be the sexiest, healthiest, happiest and most wild hearted version of yourself regardless of your age!

Ready to take charge of your health and wellbeing, make self-care a priority and start living this one wild and precious life with zest and purpose?

Want to learn exactly what to eat to support your body as you get older?

Long to feel content and happy without it feeling like a daily struggle?

Ready to go from overwhelmed, overthinking and overeating to calm, at peace and at ease? Feeling excited for every new day?

For women over 40 who want to ReBoot, ReWire and ReVive their mental and physical health and wellbeing without it feeling hard.  

The Problem 

  • You don’t recognise yourself
  • You shovel food into your mouth over the sink, when you’re stressed, anxious, sad or bored
  • You’ve lost your sense of purpose 

The solution

  • Learn to be a mindful and intuitive eater so you never have to rely on diets, food fads or food rules ever again.
  • Experience the benefits of mindfulness for optimal well-being.
  • Feel great, lose weight and kickstart a lifetime of mindful living on your terms. 

Your health is not just about what you eat. Whilst we all know good nutrition is important, it’s essential to take a 360 approach to your wellbeing. How you sleep, move your body, manage stress, talk to yourself, think and connect with others, all matter. You need a program and  coach that examines every aspect of your life.

Everything you try feels like a struggle? 

On-off dieting, juice fasts, sporadic gym visits; I know how disheartening it can be when nothing you try feels sustainable. Soon you’re back to your old ways of doing things, wondering if you’re ever going to feel in control. Spoiler alert: your brain loves to keep you in repeating behaviours, which is why it’s tough to break negative habit loops alone. 

I want to show you how simple it can be to rewire your brain with new habits that feel easy, making your old ways disappear. 

Hard to find time for yourself?  

I get it. You don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen or the gym and you certainly don’t have time to do a course in nutrition and the menopause. Don’t worry, I’ve done the hours of clinical practice, training and reading for you, and I’m going to shortcut you to the ‘need-to-know’ version. 

Career, family and a relentless to-do list; like most women, I am juggling it all. 

For years I have been very focussed on my and my client’s physical health, but after realising my own battle with persistent low-mood most of my adult life, I realised my mental health was at stake here. I had to do something, that was the start of my mindfulness journey. 

My father died of rapid mental decline at the age of 58, due to chronic stress and depression. I didn’t want to go down the same route. 

There’s a lot you can do to future-proof your health, and we can all make changes to the genetic hand we are dealt with. 

I look at my own health and wellbeing from a mindfulness perspective and it is a conscious, daily practice. Mind, body and spirit!

Is it time you decide to be healthier, happier, sexier and live your best life?

How It Works

Our work together will be a three to nine- month bespoke container. 

The Simply Revived program integrates various coaching modalities and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy combined with intuitive eating and non-diet nutrition for optimal health and well-being.

Confidence, know-how and skills to handle whatever life throws at you and the tools to nourish, replenish and nurture your whole self, even when you’re busy, tired and feel like you can’t anymore.

Prioritise self-care, improve your relationship with food, your body and yourSELF. We will put in place lifestyle habits that mean you will glow from the inside out and make those habits stick.

Prepare you for a smooth transition into menopause and reduce the symptoms if you are already there. You will discover natural methods to support your adrenal function, manage hormonal imbalance and put you in charge of your change.

Empower you to stop eating your feelings and give you the toolkit to feel in control. Learn how to beat emotional-eating habit loops for good and have a healthy and joyful relationship with food.

Unpack your stress triggers and rewire the way you respond to them so you feel more balanced, calm and in control – ready to handle whatever life throws at you.

Give you a powerful method for better sleep that will stop you feeling wired and tired at 3am with no way out. Wake up with energy, increase your focus and feel excited for every day.

Make mindfulness a daily practice and form the basis of your self-care routine. Foster self-compassion, kindness and care toward yourself. Develop a different relationship to your struggles, challenges and difficulties. 

Ramp up your confidence and free you from unrealistic superwoman expectations. I’ll help you connect to the most powerful version of yourself, uncover your deepest desires and ignite your true sense of purpose.

Embrace the ageing process, but give your body the support it needs in the second half of your life and have a strategy to future-proof your mental and physical health.

When we allow ourselves to be defined by what people think, we lose our capacity for authenticity and courage.

When we betray ourselves to fit in, be liked or to cause problems, avoid discomfort, sidestep conflict or not disappoint people, we break our own hearts. 

Own who you are, your story and beliefs. Loving yourself is the bravest thing you will ever do. Speak your truth and follow your WILD heart.

15 Mindful mantras to boost your mood in peri-menopause

This change can be stressful, exhausting, confusing and downright miserable.

Maybe you hardly recognise yourself anymore.

You snap at the kids, irritated with your partner and struggle to concentrate at work.

This is affecting every area of your life!
Draw on these mantras when you’re feeling low and need a little boost, a friendly guide to give you strength for the next moments of your day!

You are not broken, you do not need fixing and you don’t need another guru!

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