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Hello, my name is Suné

Moody, sad, irritable, easily triggered and perpetually angry – that was me for most of my teens, 20’s and 30’s

Then I hit my 40’s and it got worse.

Something had to change, I was not liking this version of me anymore! I ate well and exercised regularly but this wasn’t enough. What about my mind?

That’s when I discovered Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and the practice of daily meditation.

I have finally woken up to my life!

Now I’m happy for no reason, understand how my mind works and am confident that I have the tools to take fricking amazing care of myself in peri-menopause and beyond!

I’m beyond excited to discover the woman I’m becoming!

I help women over 40 who are struggling with the ups and downs of peri-menopause to regulate their moods, nourish their bodies and be the best versions of themselves.

With a combined experience of 20+ years as a qualified nutritional therapist, mindfulness teacher (MBCT-L), wellbeing coach and trained chef, I have a deep understanding of all the factors that contribute to our wellbeing.

I have worked with hundreds of women and developed a holistic approach that nurtures mind and body, enabling women to approach peri-menopause and menopause with vigour and confidence.

Through understanding the changes happening in their lives and bodies, I passionately believe that any woman can be healthy in a body she trusts, loves and respects, regardless of age or size.

I truly desire for every woman to flourish and thrive through peri-menopause and menopause, and believe that it doesn’t have to be a struggle and we all deserve optimal wellbeing!

As older women, we have a big responsibility. To be role models, lead and influence society in a positive way. There’s no time to hide and be invisible. Now is the time to RISE!

I hate selfies, love to dance and will use any excuse to get a bit dressed up!

I have a daughter, a (much younger) American husband and a Schoodle (yes I know!) and can’t for the life of me get my daughter to eat more vegetables or meditate with me, but love role modelling my behaviours, mindset and commitment to my own self-care regardless!

My Training & Background

Education & Professional Training

  • Degree in Hotel Management and chef’s training, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg)
  • Level Six Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, British College of Health (London)
  • Certified Metabolic Balance Coach
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy teacher training at the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre
  • Additional Training in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) 
  • Additional training and further development of intuitive and mindful eating practices
  • Oxford Mindfulness Centre
  • Member of the British Menopause Society
  • Registered BAMBA mindfulness teacher

Practice and Clinical Experience

  • I worked as a nutritional therapist and metabolic balance practitioner from 2007-2012 at the City of London City Point Health Club and Galen Health clinic on Harley Street.
  • After having my daughter in 2012, I established YourBody.Love and worked with women to cultivate a kind and loving relationship to food and their bodies and focus on health and well-being without the obsessions.
  • I was a chef lecturer on the natural chef’s course at CNM (College of Naturopathic medicine).
  • Developed my own 6 week group coaching programs helping women to optimise their health and wellbeing through non-diet nutrition and intuitive eating principles.
  • Deliver regular inspirational talks, workshops and guest interviews on and offline.
  • I regularly lead mindfulness sessions at Prana Yoga in Oxford and with a number of different companies.

Professional Memberships

About Me

I’m originally from South Africa and came to the UK in 1997.

After 22 years in London I’ve recently moved with my family to the beautiful countryside just outside of Oxford. This change of scenery coincided with developing a new framework in which to apply my skills, passion and experience to help women. I believe in a balanced approach to food, health and wellbeing and understand first-hand the challenges of managing a household, family and career as a woman in her 40’s

I work with women from their late 30’s and up, no matter where they’re at in their own menopause, health and life journeys and believe that these tools should be accessible to every woman. Health and body confidence are achievable for all of us, no matter our size or age.

I am excited to show you how to make sustainable change from the inside out so that you can eat in peace, trust and respect your body and embrace change with open curiosity and self-compassion. This is your time to flourish!

15 Mindful mantras to boost your mood in peri-menopause

This change can be stressful, exhausting, confusing and downright miserable.

Maybe you hardly recognise yourself anymore.

You snap at the kids, irritated with your partner and struggle to concentrate at work.

This is affecting every area of your life!
Draw on these mantras when you’re feeling low and need a little boost, a friendly guide to give you strength for the next moments of your day!

You are not broken, you do not need fixing and you don’t need another guru!

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