Struggling to lose weight? Do this first!

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Start practising some kick-ass self-love; unapologetically!

I’m not talking about the vain, narcissist, insecure Donald Trump-style love yourself to boost your power or control over others. 

NOT, the kind of self-love that requires you to be, act or look a certain way, and then only do you have permission to like yourself. 

I’m talking about the kind of self-love that radiates confidence, self-belief, health, contentment, joy and happiness for the higher good of all involved (regardless of your dress size) 

Many women will highlight their flaws, their insecurities and their imperfections like it’s a sequenced badge of honour. Always worrying about what others think or will say, fishing for compliments, ‘oh don’t be silly, you look great, ‘no darling, you’re not fat, look at me; I’m fat’ 

Hoping that if they lost weight, had fewer wrinkles, and looked like their 20-year-old self THEN they will love and accept themselves. 

Are you putting your life on hold, wasting your precious time worrying about your looks, your butt size and your new-found wrinkles?

Here’s the thing! You’re wasting time, life is now, today is the only moment you have. 

So what if you did lose the weight, you did get fit, you do eat healthier but you still don’t like yourself? 

How long do you think that weight loss, commitment to fitness or a healthier diet is going to last? 

In my experience, not very long, because soon, life happens and you’re not able to stick to that ridiculous regime, the weight starts creeping up again, and as soon as you start going on about your flaws, your flabby this and not so tight that, the little body bitch is creeping her nasty little head out and highlighting all these newfound flaws and you’re back at square ONE. 

It never fricking stops.

Unless you make it stop!

What happens when you love yourself unapologetically? Flaws and warts and all? 

You look after yourself like a queen, because you believe you are, you believe in yourself, you accept that you have some wobbly bits, some not so pert that and some curlies here and there that you’d rather not BUT you don’t let that get in the way of living your life to the fullest. 

Let’s start a bit gentler, even if you LIKED 40’s something you, you would look after you in a kinder, gentler, more compassionate and loving way. 

Guess what? When you’re honouring your hunger, your body’s need for rest, sleep, recover, movement, relaxation and amazing nutrition and speak kindly to yourself, YOU’LL LOSE THE FRICKING WEIGHT!!! 

Reading diet books, cooking diet food,  Click Here To Read More

buying a gym membership (and never going) starving yourself (then overeating) complaining about your weight with friends, going on a juice fast, downloading a weight loss app, counting your steps and calories WON’T MAKE YOU lose WEIGHT and won’t make you love yourself.

It adds fuel to the flame of ‘I’m a failure, ‘I have no willpower, ‘I have no self-discipline and ‘I fucking hate my body’ 

You need to love yourself FIRST as you are today in order for these new habits and a new lifestyle to stick. 

You need to know WHY you’re doing it in the first place. 

Who are the kind of person you want to be? 

You need to own something before you can lose it!

Own your body, your weight, your fat, your flaws FIRST, then start shaking off what you don’t need, what doesn’t serve you! 

What if the weight never shifts and you’re doing everything ‘right’ well, then maybe that’s where you’re body is happy and your expectation and the reality of your body shape and size are two different things. 

Maybe it’s time to put weight loss on the back burner and just start treating your body AS IF she was already so fricking adorable and sexy and fabulous that you can’t help but treat yourself and your body like a QUEEN. Putting the heat on self-love!

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  • How would it FEEL to love all of you? 
  • How would it FEEL to never have to look at a diet book again? 
  • How would it FEEL to be comfortable in your body? 
  • How would it FEEL to wake up every morning knowing you’ve GOT THIS! 
  • How would it FEEL to know that everything you do, you do in honour of this incredible body, because you love, trust and respect her TODAY as she is. Not as she may be tomorrow or the way she used to be 10 years ago? 

Trust me, when you FEEL great about yourself, your body and your life, the magic happens. 

It’s a mindset shift and NO DIET is ever going to help you with that, in fact, it just makes it WORSE!! 

Some of this may be too much too soon for many, so here’s how to get started!

Grab your journal and write some stuff down

  1. Dip your toe in the water. It may feel too scary and unreal to feel madly in love with yourself immediately. Think of a new lover or any new relationship, you don’t get married after the first date or go on holiday with a new bestie after one coffee. You check things out, each other, what works, what doesn’t. Now, you can’t leave your body, but you can bring focus to a different part of the body that may be less loaded for you. Your feet, hands, back of knees. Get the picture
    1. What do you already love/appreciate or value about yourself and your body
    2. Why
    3. How does it feel when you bring this to mind? 
  2. Repeat the words: I completely love and accept myself 

Ok yes, I know it may feel a bit aerie to start off with. We’re not taught to love and accept ourselves, that’s just not how society and the patriarchy would want it right. What would happen if every woman on the planet really believed they were powerful, smart, independent, courageous leaders? Mmmmmm, patriarchy will be shaking in their boots. It may feel strange to say these words to yourself, but just do it! Maybe even place a hand on your heart and just say the words a few times EVERY DAY! ‘I completely love and accept myself’

  1.  Journal prompts: 
  • What am I assuming about myself that stops me from loving myself unapologetically? 
    • Now free write
  • Assuming I DID know how to love myself and my body unapologetically I would now…..
    • Now free write 

This is no ordinary way of losing weight, feeling healthier, being fitter and living your best life over 40. You may think it’s a bit upside down to love yourself first then the rest will follow, but I can’t see any other way of being or living. 

Our days are numbered, may as well live the bejeezus out of it every day and stop putting our lives on hold until we look a certain way! 

Say YES to your one wild and precious life! 




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