How Yonja lost a stone without dieting

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Yonja, started working with me because she was stuck in a pattern of overeating, bingeing, and yo-yo dieting for as long as she can remember. She felt this was a destructive eating habit. 

She was also unhappy with her appearance and her body and wanted a solution to her weight. 

She was not sure if I could help her, or that working with me was just another thing she would fail at and not follow through on. She had serious doubt in herself. 

She has tried and failed so many times to find a solution on her own, It was very difficult to overcome learnt behaviours and patterns. They kept coming back up when she was trying to alter her behaviour. 

When asked what was different about my approach, she said “Suné’s approach was very different. We never spoke about food at all, what not to eat or what I should eat. We focused on why food was what I was reaching out too. What was I trying to suppress by overeating and binging”

Now that we have worked together for over 6 months her life looks very different, She says “I am a lot kinder to myself and have more compassion towards myself. Now when I reach for food I catch myself out and take a breath. I am more aware of whether I am eating because I am hungry or if I am trying to suppress or deal with an emotion that has come up.” 

She liked working with me because she says “Suné’s approach was supportive, non-judgmental, open-minded and broke a lot of conditioned thought patterns. I felt safe in the space to explore feelings deep within.”

(Direct quotes from feedback from Yonja which she has confirmed was ok for me to post) 

For those of you that don’t know this about me, I don’t do weight loss!

So the conversation started (more than 6 months ago) and she agreed to place weight loss on the back burner, there will be no weighing, no food plans, no restrictions, no food fads. 

I will teach her to be an intuitive eater, tune in to her body’s hunger and understand the underlying reason for her eating habits. 

She will become more mindful about her negative thinking, the way other peoples opinions impact her choices and that she is sailing her own ship here. 

It has not been a smooth ocean (which btw does not make a skilled sailor) there have been highs and lows, but here’s the thing, she didn’t have to do this on her own. 

There were Saturdays at 10 am that I would read a message from her feeling a failure, giving up, not knowing what next, feeling like she has undone all her hard work. 

I would leave her a quick voice message and if it did nothing else, she knew that what she was going through was ‘normal’, that it’s ok to have those moments and days and that the courage to reach out is half the battle won. 

I still speak to Yonja every month, she loves having a soundboard, someone that listens and it’s like magic when I see how her face lights up and her posture changes when she says something and it is this wonderful realisation that it came from her own wisdom, knowing, trust and courage. 

She made this fabulous testimonial for me recently and I know she feels proud, and I am so proud to see how far she has come with her relationship to food, her body and herself. 

This is what she said yesterday. “I’m so grateful that I have the tools you’ve taught me to help me so that I don’t go down a slippery slope. My dark moments now lasts for hours and not months” 

If you would like help with overeating, binging and getting out of the diet trap, so that you can feel good in your body and eat all foods without restrictions like Yonja, get back to me today. Hit reply or schedule a call. It’s that simple. 

I’d love to help you. 

PS Check out Yonja’s amazingly powerful drawings on her Instagram profile


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