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to lead healthier and happier lives.

Low Mood



Menopause Wellbeing


Discover why mindfulness is an essential life skill to flourish amidst the chaos of life


Learn how to treat your body with kindness, respect and self-compassion even when she feels like a stranger


Understand why self-care is essential for optimal well-being and not an optional nice to do in midlife and beyond

Your well-being journey

My soul purpose is to help women who have lost their zest for life in their 40’s and beyond to connect to the most powerful version of themselves, uncover their deepest desires and ignite their true sense of purpose.

When a woman starts a love affair with themselves and reconnect to who they truly are they can reclaim their one wild and precious life feeling sexier, healthier and happier with effortless confidence and ease!

A practical toolkit to turn your health goals into reality and take your life to the next level.

REBOOT your body

REWIRE your mind

REVIVE your life

Hi, my name is Suné

I care about your well-being!

I created “The Simply Revived Program for women 40+ who have lost their spark and don’t recognise themselves anymore; they want to take charge of their well-being without it feeling difficult. 

I created it for women who are too self-conscious to wear a swimsuit in public or have sex with the lights on to be the happiest, sanest, most wild hearted and sexiest version of themselves! 

  • Well-being on autopilot
  • Lose weight without dieting
  • Effortless happiness 
  • Glow with confidence
  • Ignite your true sense of purpose


“It’s time to RISE and live this one wild and precious life in a body you love, trust and respect!

Be the woman you were meant to be- Unapologetically”


what my clients say…

Suné works in a safe, gentle and considerate way. She is warm, easy to talk and is very experienced and confident. I have been given some very effective tools to help me better manage my overwhelm, anxiety and stuckness, around food and life in general, and to help me move forward in life, especially during this phase of transition”
Linda Gardener

I wasn’t sure what to expect when signed up for the ‘deep dive’ and thought I may have to take lots of supplements or starve myself!! However, it was an honest, fun and friendly approach to revamping my diet and incorporating lots of healthy habits into my day. It really helped me kickstart a healthier approach. I’ve stopped snacking when I’m not hungry and focus on what I love eating, Sunés tips were great and I was really pleased to have lost 2lbs in 2 weeks!
Leanne Richards

“I can’t thank you enough for your thorough consultation. Your in-depth assessment of my condition and habits was spot on, and the program of nutrition and supplements has been truly effective, easy to implement and has made all the difference. I’ve lost weight, I feel healthy and detoxed from the chemotherapy drugs, and get compliments on my appearance daily. You are lovely to work with, and I look forward to staying in touch.”
E Bernstein

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my food relationship. I am really happy and comfortable in my own body and this is down to your guidance and help. I had a day where I snacked today, and just now I said to myself, It’s ok, I need this today. Tomorrow is another day and I won’t need to snack. If that makes sense.
I’m glad there are amazing women like you out there changing the mindsets and breaking the way we have been conditioned to think, feel and look. I am sooo grateful we collided in life!”
Y Saygin


Tips to living your sexiest, healthiest and happiest life!

15 Mindful mantras to boost your mood in peri-menopause

This change can be stressful, exhausting, confusing and downright miserable.

Maybe you hardly recognise yourself anymore.

You snap at the kids, irritated with your partner and struggle to concentrate at work.

This is affecting every area of your life!
Draw on these mantras when you’re feeling low and need a little boost, a friendly guide to give you strength for the next moments of your day!

You are not broken, you do not need fixing and you don’t need another guru!

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